We are committed to producing and supplying the highest quality free range eggs and as such we have a duty of care to our hens, to the environment, to our producers, our staff & our customers for the whole of the production process.
we are accredited by Freedom Food and the RSPCA

What is special about Ellingham Eggs

· Hens are vaccinated against salmonella – so safe for everyone to eat

· Temperature controlled supply chain – means eggs are keep in conditions which ensure they are in the best quality condition

· BB date on pack – ensure eggs are eaten at their optimum quality

· Traceability from hatchery – all through the hens life – reassurance for the consumer

· Lion is recognised as one the premier standard in food safety & animal welfare in the world

· Regular independent auditing

Freedom Foods approved

12,000 Mixed species trees to range in by day

We plant 30% of our range with trees (more than outlined by Freedom Foods) - to give hens a more natural environment which encourages ranging & natural behaviours

Eggs are produced & packed in East Anglia, feed is sourced locally - less food miles

What is special about Freedom Foods

· Limits flock sizes

· Additional welfare measures – range enhancement

· RSPCA auditing to ensure standards are maintained



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