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In the heart of rural Norfolk – between Thetford and Norwich – is where you’ll find Ellingham Eggs. Home to three flocks of free range laying hens.
We have been producing Free Range eggs for 13 years now, The main bulk of our eggs go to a local local restaurants, cafes, shops and mobile caterers. reducing food miles considerably. All of our feed is sourced from a local mill only 8 miles from our Farm.
We make sure our hens are very  happy, and we believe that happy hens produce tastier eggs. Our hens are free to roam in 120 acres of pasture and established  woodland with over 20,000 native deciduous trees. Additional cover is provided for the hens by man-made shelters dotted across the range as well as perches, swings and sandpits to keep the hens occupied. Inside the hen houses the birds have continual access to feed and water and areas to dust bathe and perching where they can rest. Wild birds and deer join the hens from time to time in their range.


Safety - The fact that all our eggs are produced under the Lion Code means that they are produced to the highest quality standards and food safety in the world.


Welfare - We adhere to the highest quality and welfare assurance standards that exceed all legal requirements. Our passion for bird welfare means that it is our policy to only handle eggs our own free range eggs that have come from our own hens so they are genuine free range. This is what we mean when we say our whole operation is "dedicated" free range and there are not many others in Britain who can claim to be in the same league as us in this respect.

Traceability - All our eggs are sourced from our own girls.

Environment - As a company we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Our policy of local sourcing and the use of local suppliers where possible, helps reduce food miles. Likewise, it is our policy to only use recyclable materials where possible.

Reliability/Service - We always strive to offer our customers the highest possible standards in terms of quality and service. It is by consistently meeting and exceeding these standards over the years that we attribute to the reputable list of customers that we currently supply today.

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